Mash Integration Services

Your Partner in the Digital World

Software Development
for iOS, Android, & the Web

With billions of devices in the hands of consumers and a trillion dollar digital economy, having a presence on the web is paramount to becoming successful in any business. Mash builds apps for businesses that are experienced by millions of users each month. From conception to delivery, Mash will make your digital idea become a reality.

Website Hosting

Managing and maintaining a website can be a daunting task, especially when your needs aren't met by cookie cutter solutions. Mash manages hosting accounts for businesses who provide online experiences that reach millions of users per month. Your focus should be on getting as many users to your site as possible and Mash will make sure that it's available for everyone.


Making a product that people love takes dedication, time, and a lot of hard work. Getting that product into the hands of everyone that wants one shouldn't be—at least not for you anyway. Mash helps emerging businesses sell their products online by managing the entire e-commerce fulfillment workflow. All you need to do is focus on making great products and Mash will take care of making sure people can order them!


Once you've gotten your friends, family, neighbors, and people in your city, state, and country to experience your products, the next step is to share your products with the world. Mash has established relationships with outlets in Asia and Europe and can assist you in getting your products in the hands of customers in those regions. You know that people around you love your products, let Mash help you bring that experience to customers around the world.

Mash Integration Services